Winter 2021 OneMontville Book Club:  The War For Kindness

What:  Join us for the OneMontville Book Club, Winter 2021 session, as we read The War on Kindness and explore empathy and it's role in uniting our community.  This incredible book will show you how we can grow empathy and why this is the key to bringing our community together and overcoming our differences.  The book club is ideal for age 16+ older. 

** Multiple copies of the book will be available at the library by January.

Why:   Empathy can help us nurture lasting relationships, reconcile fractured ones, and build a kinder world for our children.  In addition to expanding our mind through thoughtful discussions, we'll get to meet new neighbors through Zoom and build deeper connections within our town.


How:  In early January, everyone who joined will be assigned to a Discussion Group with 5-6 other people with similar schedule availability.  Each group will then schedule two Zoom sessions, one hour each, spaced about 2-3 weeks apart (for example, Jan 31st, Feb 21st).  Each session will cover one half of the book.

** Each discussion group will have a leader who will start the discussion.  OM will provide optional conversation topics.  When signing up, please consider whether you would be willing to be a discussion group leader.

If you're short on time or don't want to read the book:  There will be a Video Discussion Group that will NOT read the book, but will instead watch a one-hour talk by the author (link here).  This group will schedule one discussion session in late January or February.

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