Friday, May 18, 2018


The OneMontville mission statement is:


The mission of OneMontville is to create and promote a climate of acceptance, inclusion and kindness which teaches and celebrates respect for one another by embracing and being enriched by the diversity that comprises the Montville Township Community.  The mission can only be fully accomplished through the involvement and commitment of community leaders, religious leaders, business leaders, and residents of all ages, races, religions, ethnicities, abilities, gender identity or sexual orientation.



OneMontville will be sponsoring a "Green In Day" on Friday, May 18th.  We are asking EVERYONE - residents, students, teachers, business owners and their employees to wear GREEN on May 18th as a very visual representation of the unity and acceptance we want to emphasize and acknowledge within Montville Township.


OneMontville's Annual Green In Day is Friday, May 18, 2018


On May 18 the ENTIRE Montville Township community will observe #OneMontville #GreenInDay.

Please blanket Montville in a sea of green and let the world know that Montville Twp is a community of #AcceptanceRespectKindness!


During Green In Day Pickup (Monday, May 14th between 3pm and 7pm at Pine Brook Jewish Center) you can also buy Luminaries, T-shirts, and Tickets to the June 3rd event:OneMontville Unites: Dare to be Diverse – How to Stand Out and Fit In at the Same Time




Buy your Green In Day T-Shirts: